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Triathlon #3 - Georgia Peach Women's Sprint

August 5, 2015


Progress, Progres, Progress ..... Over the past 18 months or so, I've reminded myself that #progressnotperfection is what I seek.   I settled for "just finishing" my first two triathlons.  But, something clicked after the second one.  I sought improvement.  


On August 3rd, I repeated my 'first tri' of last year.   I was ecstatic to post improvement in every discipline, except the run.  I had tight hamstrings. And, quite honestly, I haven't done any training on my run.  I've been focusing on the swim and bike.   I am eager to get stronger.  I may be far from the fastest (ever). But, I can improve upon my own results from race-to-race and year-to-year.


This may be the shortest race report ever.


Swim - Happy about it. Knocked off almost 5 minutes. Swam the entire way. No checking out the scenery

T1 - Happy about it. Knocked off almost 2 minutes. Last year, I chat it up with a reporter.

Bike - Happy about it. Knocked off a little more than 3 minutes. It was a hilly, tough ride. I'm glad to have seen improvement. But, this is an area where if I spent more time - I could see drastically better results.

T2 - Happy about it. My mount and dismount to the bike are unconvential & downright hilarious.

Run - NOT so happ about it.  I actually added about 3 minutes here. WORK TO BE DONE.


All in all, I knocked off 8 minutes from my results last year. THAT IS HUGE!


Progress. Happy about it ......


Yesterday, I swam my first continuous 1,600 yards in the pool ! 48 minutes ! PROGRESS! ...... And, it's not 'the dreaded' swim.


Progress physically and mentally ....


This race is fun. I get to catch up with many TRI pals I've made over the course of a year's time.  Truly an inspirational and motivational group of ladies.   Different shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds .... but all have a desire to #keepitmoving for our own reasons.


Goals: Get stronger on the bike ; Strengthen muscles and core.   Run more; walk less

LOSE WEIGHT (meeting this goal will undoubetedly help me to achieve other goals)


2 Tris down this year.... 1 to go!



Thankful to God for an opportunity to move .... move ..... move (even if at a snail's pace). Hugs, CC







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