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GTC Gives Back

This weekend, I had the honor to participate in the Governors Towne Club annual "GTC Gives Back" fundraiser for breast cancer. I was the featured speaker at the ladies' luncheon and played in the round robin Saturday morning.

Standing on behalf of my survivor friends, I am always humbled and honored when asked to share my story. Since its inception in 2009, GTC has rasied over $270,000 for breast cancer programs, patients, and organizations. GTC partnered this year with Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. Loving Arms does alot of good for cancer patients and their families within our community. The staff is genuinely loving and caring and has a mission to instill hope and joy as well as provide education and support to empower patients and their families throughout the cancer journey.

Huge thanks to Shannon and Nina who participated in the round robin & came to offer support during my speech.

I spoke about my top shelf tippy toe dream to become a triathlete & how I managed to not let go of it during a time when I felt most broken and weak. It's not always easy to see beyond your current circumstances into a dream that requires much more than you can give at the moment.

The tougher the fight - the greater the celebration!!!!!!

Along the way, God blessed me with what I needed to realize my dream. From winning the "I wanna be a triathlete" contest to friends who became great motivation to keep moving. Some days are better and even easier than others to keep working toward getting better and stronger. My discipline ebbs and flows. But, one thing is for sure - I never let go of the dream. I have one more triathlon this season/year. It is a 400m swim, 14 mile bike ride (which is one more mile than normal) and 3 mile run/walk. I'm looking forward to closing out my triathlon season with 3 triathlons under my belt!

Never say never .... I had no idea I'd choose to do 3 triathlons this year. I count it all joy ! I have had a "keep it moving" mojo. I'm not the fastest. I don't claim or need to be. What I do want is to continue getting stronger, healthier, and wiser in this sport that I've grown to appreciate beyond measure.

Finding something to strive for that is outside my comfort zone has proven to be a bigger blessing than I ever imagined.

The weekend of activities was topped off with a win for Nina and I in the tennis round robin. Nina is also a breast cancer survivor. She was just getting back on the courts after her treatment when we met as opponents. She beat me. :-). A couple of years later, I was diagnosed. God puts people in our life for a reason. He's always done that for me. No one will ever be able to tell me differently. Thankful for my survivor friends who live life strong and with/on purpose daily. I am continually inspired by their life's mission/journey/story.

After the triathlon, I will be focused on getting 2day 30 mile ready & then 100 mile over 3 days ready ....

Atlanta 2 day (Oct)

Project Athena (Nov)

Pressure is a privilege (Billie Jean King) .... and preparing for KEEP IT MOVING adventures is VERY MUCH a BLESSING!

Hugs, CC

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