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I Wanna Be A Triathlete

Back in 2012, My friend, Marci, and I agreed to train and complete a triathlon. We each set out with our own training plans. I bought a book; she hired a personal advisor. For a couple of months, I trained regularly I stretched out of my comfort zone, and I felt good about it.

In mid-April, I received news that my father was ill and not doing well. He was later diagnosed with stage 4 mestastatic cancer. I traveled home to Kentucky to be with my dad and the rest of the family. I thought for sure my father would leave the hospital. Unfortunately. he did not. However, I was afforded quality time with him that proved to be a huge blessing. When the year ended, I vowed to set out again to train and complete a triathlon.

In January 2013, I dusted off my "Complete Idiot's Guide to Triathlon Training" and started over. Determination was the name of the game. I got back in the pool with Coach Bob. I was pumped about my performance in the pool. I am not the best swimmer. I had finally gotten to 50 yards without stopping (yeah, I know for you avid swimmers a 50 is like walking a 100 yard dash - ha!). I was so proud of myself. Sometimes the best laid plans will be the first to falter.

At the end of March, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy in June. I began sixteen rounds of chemotherapy in August. I finished chemotherapy December 12. 2013. So, yet again, I put my triathlon plans on the back burner.

Fast forward .. December 2013 - The Atlanta Triathlon Club had a contest called "I wanna be a triathlete' -- a facebook photo contest. With alot of love, support, and sharing (:-), I won! I won a great prize package that will help me on this journey. Thank you to all those who voted for me over a two week period (over 4,000 votes) and sponsors who are helping me make this dream a reality!

*SPONSORS: Atlanta Triathlon Club, Podium Multisport, Zone 5 Events, Big Peach Running Co (Brookhaven). Energy Lab

So, here we are to begin again in 2014. Please follow me on this journey. It will be filled with challenges and triumphs ... ups and downs.

I can't wait to cross the finish line!

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