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I can do it!

When you're in this wild adventure known as 'post chemo', it's easy to get a bit ahead of yourself.

Two weeks ago, I had a burst of energy that had me feeling 'on-top-of-the-world' happy. I thought ~ this is it! I believed that I had reached a new pinnacle. I figured my energy is back. I am all set ! I heard that it can take as much as a year to "feel yourself" after chemotherapy. (I have yet to accept that truth as my own.) But, I have accepted that it will take some time for me to get back to being 'me'. Even then, it will be my 'new normal'.

When I had the burst of energy a couple of weeks ago, I quickly dismissed any talk of lengthy recovery periods. Unfortunately, my body reminded me this past Monday that I endured four months and sixteen rounds of chemo. One and a half months post chemo isn't enough time for all that was lost to be repaired. Although I'm moving much more slowly this week, I still thank God for waking me up each day. My mind wanted to hang on and experience the bliss; however, my body/joints took a firm stance that I've got to learn to pace myself (and I have the joint pain and stiffness to remind me!). So, this week, I have been more deliberate about my pace.

I will celebrate the hours/days/weeks when I feel like scaling Mount Everest (a tad bit sarcastic there :-D); however, I will recognize that this, for now, can be an up and down roller coaster ride. I'm holding on for dear life! ;-0.

Most importantly, I will continually remind myself that I CAN DO IT! Small victories are victories just the same! Training for a sprint triathlon will take a POSITIVE ~ CAN DO spirit. I'm thankful to all the survivors in my life (and those I admire from afar) who inspire me with their own 'can do' spirits/lives.

Therefore, "That's impossible ... Just give up .. You can't do that" ..... have all been stricken from my thoughts!

.......Gonna download the training plan established by the Atlanta Triathlon club for sprint triathlon & plot out my course

Heading for a TRI finishline this year ~ Hugs and Love, CC

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