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Who knew you need to be 'fit' for a bike?

I learned yesterday that you need to be 'fit' (dual meaning and I learned that tonight!) for a TRI bike I scheduled appointments with both Big Peach Running Co. - Brookhaven and Podium Multisports for a gait analysis and bike fitting.

Dave (GM Big Peach) was fantabulous. He shared a few experiences with me & offered me encouragement as well as advice. It was such a great conversation that I ran 20 min late for my next appointment....the bike fitting.

Who knew? Did you? That you should be 'fit' for your TRI bike. I had no idea that the 'fitting' would make me feel as though I'd taken a cycling class. Pardon me, ya'll. But, I haven't been on a bike in well over a year. It surely showed!!! Andy (Mgr) was so kind, helpful and oh so patient. Andy described it best by stating the 'fitting' would be much like an eye appointment (for those of you challenged as I am in the optical department ;-)).

For those of you who aren't aware - this is how it goes ~~~>They flash a chart before you and ask "which is better '1' or '2'" ... " this or that ". It's what is needed in order for the lens prescription to be determined. So, during the bike fitting, I would spin/cycle while Andy adjusted the bike and asked which I liked best. The end result was me shedding a shirt and sweating as though Andy was a cycling instructor giving me my next queue and a bike customized just for me. I'll take cardio in any fashion it comes these days. I called this an 'experience'. I figure it won't be the last time I will use that one word to describe this journey. I love it! I love this EXPERIENCE!

Excited about returning for my bike and other prizes... !

So, this is what I learned tonight:

  • I will possibly need to start couch to 5K program to build endurance and that's OK.

  • Nothing will replace expertise and experience when you're setting new goals

  • Progress is meaningful. I have a long way to go. More importantly, I've come a long way.

  • A TRI bike is certainly a different ride than a Road bike. Learning to ride may at times provide comedy relief to myself and anyone in my presence (HA!).

  • I want to be a triathlete and I will !

Want to see the fantastic prize package I won? It's listed below. Continuous thanks and shout outs to my facebook friends and family for sharing and voting during the contest & to the sponsors for offering such a great contest and package!


Podium Multisport

2013 Felt S32 Bike

Professional Bike Fit

Race Wheel Rental

Team Podium Tri Top & Shorts

Finis Paddles

Speedo Mesh Bag

Speedo swim cap

Orca Race Suit

110% Calf Sleeves

Louis Garneau Tri X-Speed Bike Shoes

Giro Saant Helmet

Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit

Orca Sports Bag

Aqua Sphere goggles

Profile Design- Aerodrink

Look Keo Easy Pedals

Zone 5 Events

Redline Super Sprint Race Entry

Sprint The Gaps Race Entry

Big Peach Running Co- Town Brookhaven

Pair of running shoes & gait analysis

Energy Lab

Package of 10 classes

1 hour consultation w/ Energy Lab coach

Atlanta Triathlon Club

1 year membership

Enrollmnt fee

ATC tshirt

ATC water bottle

ATC sticker

ATC swim cap

Crossing a finishline, CC

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