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Refresh(ed), Restore(d), & Rejuvenate(d)

This past weekend, I celebrated with eight other honored guests and friends along with five angels who hosted us. The mission of Confetti Celebrations is to provide weekend spa retreats for women with cancer and their girlfriends, where they can be refreshed physically, restored emotionally and rejuvenated spiritually. Confetti Celebrations has two retreats annually. I'm grateful for having been selected to attend the Spring retreat. There were four other "THRIVERs" and their guests....All phenomenally inspiring women!!!!!!!

My friend and guest, Brittany, and I traveled to Lake Rabun Friday afternoon. It will definitely be one of the most memorable weekends of my life. We were greeted with pink roses, hugs, smiles and a WHOLE LOT of hospitality. In our room, we found beautifully embroidered bags with our names and other goodies inside. One of the goodies was a nice plush robe that we used during our spa services. cOmFy and CoZy. What a nice touch! I love my confetti inspired polka dot bag. I will remember this special weekend every time I use it.

We got to know one another over dinner and an UGLY pajama contest (so much fun). We were asked to bring three items to share with the group. What a fun, easy way to break the ice!!

My 3 items:

  1. Autographed pic of Serena (I received it less than a week after my diagnosis)

  2. Courage (my stuffed lion given to me at the hospital after my mastectomy)

  3. A printout of Isaiah 40:31 (one of many that was posted all around my house by Racquel and PSPs prior to my chemo).

After a few short hours, our common understanding and empathy made the twelve of us less strangers and more fast friends.

We were all anticipating a relaxing day of spa services on Saturday ~ pedi, mani, facial, massage, hair, and make-up. All the services and service technicians were awesome! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were so yummy. Snacks were readily available and strategically chosen based on our preferences. When we returned to our rooms Fri and Sat night, we were surprised to find scripture and goodies on our beds. Everything was so thoughtfully planned. We played games Saturday night. Similar to the Newlywed game, we found out how well we knew our friends. Brittany and I have known each other for well over ten years. We met playing tennis. We've won tennis championships together. But, our friendship extends beyond the game of tennis. We lost our dads a year apart - both to cancer. We've shared laughter and tears. It was no real surprise to us that we tied for second place in that game. We probably could have won first if I had gone with my first instinct on two questions (sorry, Britt :-D). We also played Pictionary -- Honored Guests vs Friends. Wow! We got beat miserably. But, it never felt so fun to lose (lol!). Laugther Galore!!!! I'm glad that Brittany was able to participate and experience this splendid weekend. I know she, too, found it to be an incredible weekend.

After breakfast Sunday morning, we gathered in the family room for devotion and fellowship. A devotional from "Jesus Calling" was read. We wrote our worries and cares on a piece of paper. Shredded it (making our own confetti) & threw it in the air ~ surrendering all to God. It was a great way to give symbolism to our hope and faith during the fight and beyond.

Leslie Cameron started Confetti Celebrations in remembrance of her beloved sister who died from cancer. She wanted to pay tribute to her sister's courageous fight and life as well as the friends who helped and supported her along the way. It's a GOOD WORK !

THANK YOU Leslie, Amber, Barbara, Krissy, and Maria for being angels to us this weekend!! You were all so very nice from start to finish; every request came with a smile and genuine giving spirit. For every bit of positive energy, love and care poured out to us, I pray that God refuel and refill each one of you. I'd also like to thank the Dyas family who opened and shared their beautiful home with ten very grateful women.

I laughed ~ cried ~ celebrated

I was

Refreshed ~ Restored ~ Rejuvenated

Mission accomplished, Confetti Celebrations! Hugs, CC

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