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Mission Strength: Amoena Ambassador

A few weeks ago, I received the good news that I along with two other amazing women (Ginger & Eden) were selected and named Amoena Ambassadors. As the world’s leading post-mastectomy specialist, Amoena is definitely a company that knows our needs as well as our feelings! I was extremely excited to be given a platform from which to continue raising awareness. For me, it also reminded me of the layers of beauty within each of us.

We were gifted a spa day Tuesday, which includes massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure. We also received a lovely gift bag. Over lunch, Ginger, Eden, and I shared our stories. There are common denominators in every story as much as there are uniqueNesses. We bonded. When it came time for our two day photo shoot, we were already kindred spirits. The Amoena staff, photographers & ligthing team, stylists, and props team of one was beyond SUPER. I had no idea the amount of planning and preparation that goes into a photo shoot. InCrEdIbLe! We shot from a beautiful home in Buckhead. The aurora and vibe was nothing but positive goodness.

I think about everything that has happened over the past year and how many of the moments related to this journey have become 'unforgettable'. I am thankful, thankful, thankful for the moments like 3 days that Amoena gave to me that have given me joy and happiness.

On this Easter Sunday, it's a great blessing that HE IS RISEN. He's already saved us through His death and resurrection.

Hugs, CC

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