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A Tri~er and A 2 Day~er ~~ Who? ~~ That's me!

Yes, I'm swimming, biking, and running in August for my first triahtlon.

But, I'm also training to become a 2 day-ER. What is that? Glad you asked .. ;-)!

Last October when I was about 10 treatments into my 16 round chemotherapy regiment, I made a decision to do the Atlanta 2-day Walk. At that time, a trip to the grocery store required an all out effort. So, was I crazy to contemplate walking 30 miles? If you know me, you know that I like to set lofty goals for myself! I spent the latter part of 2013 imagining what kind of year I'd explore in 2014. So, it was no suprise that I envisioned completing 30 miles in my mind way before I was able to even walk 2/3 miles without complete exhaustion.

Raising funds (for awareness & research) and honoring women who have crossed into this journey was at the forefront of my thoughts. In October 2013, I created a team called "Simply the Breast". Yes, it was spun off the song "We are simply the best .... ". I also wanted to capture the notion that none of us who has lost a breast or two are defined by what we lost. Strength, hope, and courage personified ~ we are so much more than the breast (or two). I didn't know when I created the team that we would grow to include ten other women. Each has committed to raise $1,000 for the cause. I can't wait to spend 2 days through laughter (and probably tears) with these women. I believe in Devine Design & I know everyone on this team is here for a reason.

Thank you ladies for joining me in what I believe will be a memorable journey for all of us:

Nina M., Nina D., Anise M., Yolanda T., Patricia P., Aliva B., Jennifer D., Brenda G., Amanda Foster, Catina W.

Since 30 miles is no easy feat, It's A Journey helps registered walkers by coordinating monthly practice walks. This past Saturday, I walked with a teammate, Anise and another walker, Kavita, from another team. We chatted and walked for 6 miles, and I enjoyed every bit of it!! I am thankful for this opportunity to meet inspiring women who have a story to tell. More importantly, I am humbled whenever I am asked to share my own story.

We have a fight on our hands. Raising awareness and funds is why I've chosen to walk 30 miles. I know this experience will enable each of us to create bonds, shatter fears, and capture forever memories.

1 in 8 women will be given the unfortunate, earth shattering new that she has breast cancer. I'm sickened by this number. Let's change it!

Yes, I want to be a triathlete .. but .. I also want to be a 2 day-er! I hope to inspire someone in who is currently in treatment that the day will come when the fatigue and other side effects will lessen. Don't stop planning your life. In fact, grab a paper and pen and plan away. The day will come when you, too, can begin checking off your 'to do' list soon! Keep the faith!

Hugs & Love, Carletta

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