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When the going gets tough, keep it moving !

Perseverance is the word that comes to mind tonight. One of my objectives in writing this blog is to provide an honest look at this road to the triathlon. Yes, it's a positive journey no matter what happens along the way. But, I would be lying if I said that there weren't things that I think about that could seriously side track me, if I allowed it.

Will Power is huge. I use to run with this lovely group of women at 5am. But, getting up at 4:30am is as unthinkable as running a marathon right now. I struggle with asking too much of myself and not pushing myself enough. It's an awfully thin line. I don't want to ask too much of myself and become discouraged, if I don't succeed. I certainly don't want to ask too little of myself and not reach new heights.

Today, I accomplished much more than I have in a while. THANK YOU, LORD!

*2.5 mile walk at 5am with a group of lovely ladies

*1,100 yards of mostly 25s with rest in between & a couple of 50s : total pool time 1hour

*1 1/2 hour doubles tennis match (win)

I have about 7 weeks to go before the triathlon. I've missed alot of training. My goal is to do something every day. What I aim to complete may not produce the fastest times or longest distances; however, it will be my best effort -- every time!

I have been experiencing swelling in my ankles and feet. I don't know what is causing it. I am prayerful that it's nothing that is long lasting. When I swim and run, my chest feels like rocks. I don't know how others who have had reconstruction feel, but I thought by now it might feel a bit more 'natural' (if that's possible). I have read and seen individuals conquer many more obstacles than what I am attempting to do. It's their stories that help remind me that belief, motivation, courage and perseverance go a long way in contributing to success of one's endeavors .. no matter what it may be.

I am prayerful that the next several weeks are

full of activity and free of excuses --

full of push and free of pull --

full of satisfaction and free of disappointment

No matter what ~ I aim to persevere!

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