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Struggle means greater reward

Wow ! So much time has passed since my last entry. I've been working and training hard.

I'm exhausted. So, I will keep this short and sweet ;-)

Over the past couple of weeks, I've spent a lot of time in the pool ~ a bit of time on the bike ~ and just a smidgeon of time trotting.

I've really built some stamina and endurance in the pool. However, my original coach told me that my form is 'whack' (~no, he didn't say it that way but I interpreted his comments that way). I've been attending 5:30am morning swim classes where I've been pushed to the max. In those classes, I am concentrating on relaxing and building up my endurance. The coach often has me do at least 1,000 yards. I haven't made it this week (yet). Too tired! I plan on going Thursday and Friday. Because I realized that my form was out of 'whack' and causing more 'struggle' than 'success', I contacted my original coach, Bob. He taught me how to freestyle a couple of years ago when I started training in 2012 (for those of you who are catching up on my backstory .. lol .. this is my 3rd attempt to actually start and finish a tri race -- 2012: registered but dropped out because of family emergency and 2013: registered and started training but dropped out because of my cancer diagnosis). Anywho, the swim has gotten better. Progress! Although I've noticed when I get to open water, it kind of all goes out the window.

I was recently asked why open water "freaks" me out. Well, shall I list the ways:

(1) Can't see the bottom line like you can in a pool ~ so where the heck am I going

(2) Can't put those feet down when you're tired or at the end of 25 yards

(3) There is no turning around and climbing out ....

I have at least 2 more open water swim practices before the tri & possibly a lesson with a coach in the lake. As a kid, we were in the lake that we called 'beach' all the time.

I need some of that careFREE kid to show up in me over the next few weeks.

I completed 20 mile bike ride (on my roadie) Saturday and an additional 10 miles on "Pinkie". But, I changed her shoes (from clips to regular pedals). It is still a bit of a stretch to ride her because she's tall and my hands and shoulders feel very tired and sore after a ride with her. But, that said, I feel way more comfortable on her than I did with the tri clips (falling is no fun!). I hope to get in at least 3 workouts on the bike before Sunday.

Last but not least, I have been trotting a bit. I haven't run 3 miles yet. I may not get there. If I need to walk during the race, I'm A-OK with it. But, I am more interested in getting some muscle memory in these legs. Today, Kevin and I trot our way to my fastest mile and two mile average yet.

And, dare I say B.R.I.C.K! I need to get in a bike-to-run workout before Sunday. I need to know what it feels like to walk 3 miles after I get heavy, brick legs from riding the bike.

I hope my body rebounds in the next day or so ... I need to train hard (but wisely) for the remainder of this week and next week. Then, I'll read about tapering or ask my veteran triathletes. I certainly want to taper but don't want to fall off ....

I could say more about the last couple of weeks but wanted to keep it short (or try to) because I said I would ;-). I appreciate the support & prayers! As the counter shows, it's so close!

Coming to a FINISH LINE soon! Praise GOD!! I hope to inspire and encourage other survivors that we CAN do what we set our mind to & we can achieve things that we think are unimaginable. Heart is what we have & Heart is what it will take!

Hugs and Love, CC

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