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Just so thankful .....

The scripture above is my favorite. It (along with others) got me through some dark days last year. There's something to be said about reading God's promises when we're feeling our lowest. I am glad that He renews my strength daily. I will never take it for granted again.

I need to remember going forward whenever I have a choice ~~

(a) workout or (b) lay in bed .....

I almost convinced myself not to workout this morning. I got in 45 minutes on the spin bike in a crowded class (crowded is good in spin class because it brings gr8 energy!!!!). There was one chica in there though who yelped out every cliche' she could throw at us (Turn down for what? Turnt Up? You ain't about this life?). After the bike, I headed to the treadmill for a 45 minute interval workout (5 min run/1 min walk). Indoor mini BRICK. I need to get these legs stronger. There are some physical things that I continue to encounter when I exercise for extended periods of time. I have two silicone chest risers (lol) .... never referred to them as that but hey what the hey... (for those who may not know I had reconstruction surgery in January after mastectomy in June '13). I feel really tight across my chest when I run. Also, this left arm where lymphnodes were taken gives me fits when I exercise for over an hour. I realize that I'm a bit hard headed because I should be wearing a compression sleeve.

I plan to get some time on the bike, in the pool, and on the pavement next week. I want to start sliding in weights and yoga. How can I manage that, I wonder? I haven't done a whole heckuva lot to build muscle in these arms, and I need to do that PRONTO. So, weight training is downright necessary.

Time to pull out the planning pen & paper and determine my next move and race later this month and/or September. It may just be a 5K with the 'senior' and the 'junior' (the Kevins). My goal is to just keep moving, forging ahead. I don't always have to have a race on the horizon. But, I do not want to lose any momentum.

Statistics show that cancer risks increase or decrease with exercise. I work from home and often sit at my desk for hours without taking a standing or walking break. My mom reminded me not too long ago that it's very important to take a break several times during the day. I am going to take her up on that advice & try to do better with it. It's about healthy practices. It's not an option in my life anymore to make better, wiser, healthier decisions. So, when I have an option to go or stay, I better chose go as often as I can!

You just never know when your choices will be taken away from you.

Here's to not taking health for granted and always remembering where our strength and help comes from ~~~ Hugs & Love, CC

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