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Bounce Back

Overnight, I found out that my brother needed to be rushed by ambulance from KY to TN. So, needless to say, I had a bit of a restless night. Prayer changes things. I believe it wholeheartedly, so I enlisted the help of some prayer warriors. After hearing that my brother was stable and being monitored closely, I was able to exhale this afternoon.

I got back to the business of enjoying this beach vacation that is truly a huge blessing. Through the Little Pink Houses of Hope, I have been given an opportunity to fellowship with other survivors and their families this week. We spent the morning paddle boarding. Boy, was it tougher than I thought. I hit the 'deck' more times than I could count. But, then, Jeanine (the teacher) so gingerly guided and instructed me to success! I absolutely love experiencing new things. I laughed every time I fell. I'm sure there's a message in there somewhere :-). We were able to catch a glimpse of the ziplining course (that's Thursday!). I've been told 4 of the lines are over water. FUN to be HAD 4 sure!

I spent a couple of hours out by the pool and just enjoying the breeze. I thought about my brother, but I believe he is in good earthly and heavenly hands ;0). Cliche's get a raw billing for being overused but sometimes you just can't help it. So, here goes .. #LetGo&LetGod.

While unwinding, I watched the news story/segment a couple of more times. I sincerely hope that it reaches someone who really feels that their 'old' self has been so damaged that they've lost the ability to do the things they once loved. That's the group I want to see me cross the finishline with my hands in the air. It may not be a triathlon. It's the personal victory that you have to see yourself achieving....whatever that may be!

And, family & friends -- we bounce back best with your love, encouragement, and support. So, give us a long leash to have a bad day here and there but then reel us back in with open arms and a loving push to go after it. We can and do BOUNCE BACK. YOU can and will BOUNCE BACK. Believe it!

Hugs and Love, CC

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