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Seven days in a week & SOMEDAY isn't one of them

I am always encouraged and inspired when I see others conquer fears, clear hurdles, and achieve personal goals. Today, we went ziplining. We are cancer survivors who have had different journeys but all the same start -- a heart and mind of strong will and determination!

There are 7 days in a week & SOMEDAY isn't one of them ...

Live, Laugh, Love OFTEN and NOW! I grew up hearing and later saying "tomorrow is not promised". It rings louder for a cancer survivor.

Sometimes, fear can't be avoided. I have my own set of fears that I battle. But, I know that fear and faith can't conincide. So, I just try to remind myself of the promises that keep (and kept) me. Sometimes, we just have to go head first into it and burst out on the other end....that's what I witnessed today. I am grateful to be surrounded by courage, hope, and faith embodied in these women and their families & volunteers who also consist of survivors.

I watched a mom who didn't want to do it but did it because she wanted her son to experience it. When he was afraid, she was strong from him. She trembled from beginning to end but did it.

I watched a woman who has stage 4 cancer and is very afraid of heights kick fear in the face and zipped her way to the finish.

I watched a mom, her husband, and daughter complete the course together. She has some lung problems as a result of radiation and the stair climbing was challenging. Through her tears and frustration, she finished.

I was more than inspired and motivated by all these women doing what to some may be just ziplining but to me was obviously so much more.

I've learned alot this week about myself....lots of time to reflect. But, I believe, what's most important is what I've learned from the others present this week. These women are truly, truly inspirational.

This week has proven to me that not only I but they also choose to LIVE Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because SOMEDAY sure isn't promised to any of us!

Living out loud on and with purpose!

Hugs and Love, CC

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