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There's strength in numbers, they say ....

This journey has been full and complete. At times, the ship leaned over almost capsizing by the weight of sadness and other days the ship stayed upright mostly because of my faith, family, and friends. I've met so many new friends (several being survivors) on this journey. Each is inspiring in her own way. So, I started thinking about the survivors I know and how I can best honor them during my Atlanta 2 day walk.

I quickly thought I should walk one mile for each person that I want to honor. I had no idea that I could really think of 30 people with whom I share this battlefield. It's almost horrifying to know that I could write out a list of 30 in a very short amount of time. Oh, how my heart wants for there to be a cure and quickly so that the next generation of young girls and women will find it quite difficult to name 3 let alone 30 women who have breast cancer.

In a few weeks, I will walk side-by-side with survivors and friends/families of survivors in the Atlanta 2 day walk sponsored by It's The Journey. I am looking forward to it for many reasons. I registerested for this race in October 2013 ... smack dead in the middle or toward the end of my chemo therapy. Funny how, back then, I thought walking 30 miles would be a good idea when I could hardly walk one.....

a prime example of walking in HOPE and by FAITH.

In a few weeks, I will join hundreds of other walkers who will be walking 30 miles with their own heroes in mind. I will walk in full rememberance of my grandmother, Charlene Wharton and in honor of my pinkie sisters with whom I take great pride and honor in knowing.

I do not take any of this lightly or for granted because I also remember what my life was like a year ago. My heart is heavy for those who I know are suffering - who continue to fight!

My team "Simply The Breast" is comprised of 2 other survivors. We're 12 strong. We've raised over $9,000 heading to $10,000.

One day~I hope cancer is not only curable but eradicated! Hugs & Love, CC

In memory of Charlene (my grandmother) In honor of Nina M Nina D Deborah R Karen B Tausha Sheila Trisha Lena MIchelle Allen Sarita Shannon Hollie Kristi Leanne Jennifer Jeanine Debbie Patty Cheryl Rhonda Tracy L Julie P Karla Terri Kimberly W Kimberly K Teri Yolanda K


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