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2014 Comeback of the Year

The Atlanta Triathlon Club had its year end party Friday night. There were SprintERS, HalfERS, FullERS & more all celebrating personal and team accomplishments this year. Proudly and humbly, I accepted one of several

2014 Comeback of the Year Awards

from Atlanta Tri club.

It was a year of the Comeback for me!

When I won the "I wanna be a triathlete" contest in December 2013. I had to 'Put Up or Shut Up' because so many took time to vote and solicit votes for me. Yes, I received over 4,000 votes in a 2 week period. My supporters ROCK !

Accountability is ONE

powerful MOTIVATOR!

To cross the finishline one year from my first chemo and following the most difficult year of my life is what I hope others can look to for inspiration and motivation. My fellow suriviors, thrivers, and overcomers -- we are able to do much more than we think we can. I am living proof that a little bit of courage goes a long way in helping to dream bigger than your current circumstances.

Believe you can & you're halfway there !

I am looking forward to a 'keep-it-moving' 2015.

Thank you Atlanta Tri Club for presenting me with an award that is in my possession but belongs to so many of my family and friends who provided the support I needed to have a COMEBACK kind of year.

I want to LIVE not just SURVIVE! #keepitmoving #keepthefaith

CC aka PinkyTri

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