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Happy Chemo! Delivery

When a year comes full circle, it presents an opportunity to reflect and say THANK YOU like a gazillion times!

My fellow Amoena Ambassador and founder of Happy Chemo, Ginger Johnson, partnered with Fifth Season Financial to provide Bags 'O Love to local survivors, thrivers, and overcomers undergoing chemo. is an innovative marketplace and central connecting point for tens of thousands of survivors and caregivers who are seeking additional hope, health and happiness asthey face the cancer journey. As a fast growing referral source, those facing cancer are able to connect with high quality cancer related products and services provided by approved partners and organizations in the Happy Chemo! Network. Known as an ‘oxymoron on a mission’, the vision is to reach every survivor in America (eventually the world) and eliminate hearing the words, “I wish I would have known about such and such earlier.”

Adam Balinsky, president of Fifth Season Financial, understands how difficult that fight for life can be, especially when coupled with financial hardship. “We see first-hand how financial stress compounds a patient’s already fragile medical condition,” said Balinsky. “We’re pleased to workwith Happy Chemo! to help bring some ‘extra love’ to these cancer patients during a difficult time.”Combining forces, Fifth Season Financial sponsored the creation and delivery of two hundred Happy Chemo! Bags O’ Love to four cancer treatment facilities in Washington, California and Georgia. Cancer patients who are members of participated in gift bag distribution and were able to share in the experience of serving others.

I chose to deliver the bags to Kaiser. The first stop was to the infusion center where I had treatment. There was only one patient there when I arrived. But, he was extremely happy to get his Bag 'O Love.

Later, the charge nurse and the one who took such good care of me, shared with me that one patient who received the Bag 'O Love said how much it was appreciated and that it would be the only Christmas gift that he/she receives. I can not even comprehend what going through chemo alone would mean and how it would impact my journey. My heart aches for that individual and anyone who suffers through a cancer diagnosis and treatment alone.

It was not at all lost on me that just over a year ago I walked into the building with a lack of energy to undergo #16. Today, I hauled a rather large and heavy suitcase filled with goodies into the same infusion center. To God be All the GLORY, HONOR, and PRAISE!

Thank you Fifth Season Financial and Happy Chemo for offering support for those facing cancer and desires to help as many cancer patients as possible, including patients here locally in Metro Atlanta area.

How Can Chemotherapy Be Happy? Simple. Just add LOVE.

As a young breast cancer survivor, Ginger Johnson set out to do something beautifully simple yet extremely complex - make chemotherapy 'happy'. Diagnosed at 31 and 5 months pregnant, she knew it would be challenging. It's true that chemotherapy isn't 'happy'. (Trust us, we know) But we're not trying to make IT happy. We're working to increase YOUR happiness... Source: ( website)

Thank you, Kaiser Permanente for allowing delivery of the bags to patients in infusion centers at the following locations & thank you Gwen Brown & fellow nurses for being kind enough to distribute to very deserving patients:

(1) Cumberland - 2525 Cumberland Pkwy SE Atlanta, GA

(2) Townpark - 750 Town Park Ln Kennesaw, GA

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