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Wow! May, Really? Lots to share ...

I can NOT believe I have not written a post since January. What in the world have I been doing? Well, first things first, on average - I've been working 60 hours a week February and March. It's thrown my schedule for a loop. It improved a bit in April. And, in May, I'm seeking to find work life balance. It's a MUST!

So ........ Let's play catch-up!

Tri Training has begun!!!!

So, I made the B r A v E move .... or ..... InSaNe move to register for 3 Sprint distance triathlons this year (1 in July and 2 in August). Considering (and unfortunately) I am more out of shape, it's proven to be quite the challenge to ramp up my motivation. I've had the conversation with myself as to whether or not I really want to do this .... I definitely want to do the women's sprint (my first last year) in August. The question remains if my mind and body will be ready for the July 18th. I am struggling on the nutrition front. It is imperative that I figure it out quickly because it impacts my workouts. I had such lofty weight and nutrition goals (as always in January). It's time to really get on it ..... I must, I must, I must get it together! I have never had this tough a struggle in losing 1 pound. Geez, Louise!

I have lots of fun things coming this year. Perhaps, one of the reasons I'm distracted about the triahtlon training is because I was selected participate in PROJECT ATHENA. I have required training for the event that begins in July. I can NOT wait to travel to KEY WEST!

The Event: This is a 100 mile Kayaking, Cycling, and Running/Hiking Multisport Adventure from Key Largo to Key West. This will be a 3-day stage event, and we will Paddle and Ride each day, with occasional runs or hikes. General breakdown of distances will be:

  • Cycling: 60 miles

  • Paddling: 28 miles

  • Running/hiking: 12 miles

We will camp each of the three nights on the course and stay in a hotel in Key West the night before we return. Food, double sea kayaks and commuter-type bikes will be provided each day. Ultimate warm weather and beach adventure, all to help future Athenas live an adventurous dream!

Lastly, I am happy to report that SIMPLY THE BREAST team is at it again with Atlanta 2 day team. That's our team in the picture above .... on day 1 in 2014 before Mile 1. We were fresh and happy. At mile 20, I suspect, this same shot might have looked a little differently. With the help of a tremendous support system, I've already reached and exceeded by $1,250 goal. The first weekend in October it's going down ... 2 days ~ 30 miles! Our team is currently 12 members strong. I want to grow the team to at least 15 members where our collective goal will be to raise $15,000 for breast cancer research and programs in Georgia.

Lastly but certainly not least - HAVE YOU SCHEDULED YOUR ANNUAL MAMMOGRAM?

Save a life - spread the word - it just might be your own life saved! Hugs and Love, CC

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