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Home is where the HEART is

For Mother's Day, I decided to travel back home to KY to spend time with my mother. I had, as always, a variety of plans as to how I'd stay 'on track' with my goals......

yeah, yeah, yeah ~~~~~~>the plan was to walk 5-6 miles daily. I was going to also spend time running my mom here and fro because I know she loves it. I decided what I would and would NOT eat (because I often get home and LOSE my everlasting mind ... snacking 24x7 on all things sugar). All that said, I had a plan .... and yet, I failed to execute it.

Then, I thought ...

I spent quality time with my mother. I worked long hours, so I didn't get out and about with her. But, we chat in her room early mornings and late evenings. We laughed about our inability to get the TV to work. We took a couple of shopping trips (her favortie pasttimes --- mine no so much). We sat out on the deck with the sun kissing our skin on a lovely afternoon & watched little birdies in a tree waiting mouths stretched open for food. I think there's a lesson or something to be learned about those baby birdies & mama/papa birdies... But, I digress.

On a day when I was out walking, I passed the house where I grew up from age 1 - age 12 (mind you it's right down the street from my mom's current home. So, I've passed it for 30 years now). There's something about walking past it and recounting a boatload of childhood memories. My mom, a single mother, moved us from the 'projects' (as they are called ...but in a small hometown there really are no projects) into a home of her/our own when I was 12. I don't know how differently things would be had she not had the wherewithall to seek home owndership.

Possibly nothing ... or maybe lots.

I walked the remainder of the way in deep reflection about her sacrifices and struggles. Since my first year of college, I've always had a grown-up kind of appreciation for my mother. From the time I realized how much she managed to GIVE ME on the salary she made - I appreciated her fully and deeply. She worked almost 40 years as a nurses' aide taking care of others. Her heart is compassionate beyond measure. Her 75 year old body doesn't cooperate with her always & I see how incredibly determined she is to #keepitmoving. So ..... while I may have not done the best with my 1,2,3 on the to do list .... the one I didn't write down ~~ Spend Quality time with Mom..... happened!

I am blessed to have learned how to love and keep it moving from the best. I love my Mama!

Heading back to my home away from home (of 19 years tomorrow)

but truly ...


Hugs & love, CC

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