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10,000M ~ Row, Row, Row your "boat"

My official training begins in July for KEYS to RECOVERY adventure in November. I'm doing my best to multi-train (umm, yes -- not sure that's a word but it best describes 'IT") for three triathlons, 30 day walk, and 3 day/100 mile adventure. I tell ya what -- I'm having a blast getting there. That's for sure!! I love trying new things & having new goals in sight.

But, to kind of get me 'row' ready, I have been looking for various kayaking and row type classes in the area. Running Nina (not to be confused with Tennis Nina) and I signed up for group rowing classes @ Rowbot Fitness. We kind of got a bit of a 'kayak' bug or something after that beginner's class in May.

After the first class, I was beat. After the second class, I got a better understanding of the 'numbers', especially after seeing the folks in the class next to me pushing numbers over 10,000M and I was in the 8,900 range. During one of the classes, I said 'hey, she makes it look easy, and she's targeted to get 11,000+M". Then, I was told she is on Emory's row team .. lol .. (lesson learned: your race/ your pace --AND-- more importantly, QUIT minding folks' monitor).

Of course, though, I had to set a goal for myself.

10,000M !!!!!!!

I learned that it's not totally about speed but about technique after about the 4th class. I was sick and exhausted the 5th class & it took everything I had just to finish the class. Even though I was 3 minutes late to class this morning, I had 10,000 Meters on the brain from the moment I stepped foot into the class.

Having Nina as a friend along for the journey for the kaying experience and this class has been fun and motivating. Today, we kind of helped keep each other on track for 10,000M. Push, Pull, again .. Push, Pull ... Then, as I approached the 10,000M mark with 3 mintues to go, she cheered for me to 'make it' as though I was crossing the finishline at a race.

I started writing this post with the intent to focus on achieving a goal early & how great that feels. While I am certainly proud of having done so, I am more proud of the fact that along the way ... this journey called survivorship, I have a friend named (Running) Nina who has been along for the ride (from home and hospital visits, to joining 2 day team, to kayaking/rowing .... ), she's been a BrEAST friend, as she calls us, because we're both SURVIVORs. So, I wrap-up this entry expressing my gratitude for the kind of friendship and support that I'm hopeful we all have in this race called LIFE. It's a blessing to have support when you're chasing a dream, a goal or even a good sale (ha!) ... Oh, did I say Nina is a great bargain hunter ~~ I digress.

It's not just about the cheer(ing) at the finishline. It's about the push to get there from someone who has been where you've been (and hope to go). It's about the hand that holds along the way. It's about the encouragement given before the finishline is even in sight. Thankful to God for footsteps ordered, pathways crossed, and all the people along the way from whom I've been given a push, hand, shoulder, hug, love (and maybe even a shove from time-to-time).

Celebrate those in your life that help you to KEEP IT MOVING! I certainly do!

Hugs and Love, CC

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