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I get by with a lil' help from my friends

I have been meaning & needing to get on my bike and complete at least 20 miles for a couple of weeks. It's been more than easy to find something else to do or an excuse as to why I couldn't make that happen. In my defense, I hadn't always bailed on training. I just kind of procrastinated with the bike. The clips (they are really clipless makes little sense to me) make me nervous! It wasn't long though before procrastination and lame excuses quickly turned to a FrEnZiEd (just short of panic)

"I'm running out of time! I need to get on my bike & ride out!"

I was extremely pleased when I saw that the training schedule for Atlanta Tri Club included a beginner's bike clinic/ride. As a matter of fact, I was so excited that around 10:30p last night, I asked Kevin to put the bike rack on my car & pump up the tires. Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time :-D. We broke the valve thingie (I'm sure there is an official word for it but it will be thingie for me) & searched for it for several minutes in the driveway, which was not too much different than a needle in a haystack. Knowing that the bike shop didn't open until an hour after the clinic/ride was to begin, I was disappointed. This is the type of thing that might have sidelined me a couple of weeks ago. However, I was determined to get in a long bike ride this weekend!

Fortunately,.... very, very fortunately, I have awesome, skilled, knowledgable, and supportive TRI buddies. After putting my disappointment on facebook (bc u know I had to put it there), Mr. Tony Brown (Black Triathlete Association) came to the rescue (*queue the hero music*). He offered to come by my house before his own training in the early AM to replace my tire ... who knew that the valve thingie was in my tightly tucked away 'extra' tube little baggie bundle under my seat. I need to up my game on brush up on my basic bike maintenance skills for sure!!


Tony meant business when he got to the house. He asked for the essentials and got to it. He had that valve thingie fixed in what for me was record time !!! Thanks, Tony Brown!


My tri pal, Michelle, agreed to meet up with me, so that I wouldn't have to ride solo. Thank you, Michelle for an fun and challenging ride. THANKS FOR GOING the EXTRA MILE, literally!

Along the way, I ran into several tri buddies (and a tennis buddy). When I see someone I know putting in work, too, it's motivational to say the least. These are the folk that inspire me daily with their perserverance, determination, and commitment. I read their posts, follow their journey, and celebrate (albeit most times virtually) their victories.

When Michelle and I started out, we'd planned on MaYbe do 20 miles. We pedaled our way to and through exhaustion to ....

26.7 miles!

I celebrated the mere fact that 26.7 miles is even possible. June 25th will mark the 2 year anniversary of my double mastectomy. I can't help but to think about God's grace & mercy. I'm not in the best shape these days. In fact, I know I have work to do.

But, one things is for sure, I'm stronger than yesterday!

Lessons learned today:

1. Wear sunscreen (today, I didn't. tomorrow, I'll pay for it)

2. Some folks are more courteous than others on the trail. "On the Left" isn't only courteous but downright the right and safe thing to do.

3. Plan for the ride. Planning the right nutrition and hydration is key to not getting that killer heat related headache afterward.

4. Riding with a buddy is better than a solo ride any day!

5. That clips can be my friend :-) (really, yes .. they can!)

6. That having a plan on what works for me to unclip and clip is essential

7. Always, always be thankful (no matter how much it hurts) that I'm able to #keepitmoving

Hugs&love, CC

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