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I am a KayakER, too !

Yesterday, I participated in my third kayak tour with REI outdoor school. Two friends joined me. We had a great time paddling down the river for 11 miles. We stopped to have lunch at an island called Buzard Island. The weather was perfect. With the threat of rain and even a few sprinkles, we were afforded cloud cover. The temps were mild with a nice breeze at times down the river.

REI Outdoor school has great guides. I have enjoyed each tour (now 3). The guides are a big part of why I keep coming back for more classes. The guides are knowledgeable, professional, and safe.

We traveled downstream. So, we had the current to help move us along. Even with the current, I could definitely feel 'it' in my shoulders and forearms. Thank God for the current! This makes me wonder how things will be when I take on the ocean in Florida in November -- 28 miles. I don't have any place nearby where I can simulate the waves of the ocean. I'm hoping though that the tours, row classesm and work I plan to do between now and then will provide good conditioning.

I am so very grateful for this opportunity. THANK TO PROJECT ATHENA for all that they've given back to survivors. When you've had your 'normal' self snatched away from you for any reason, it is incredibly exciting to #keepitmoving toward one, two, or three goals! :-).

I would say the "Advice from a river" is ON Point!! Hugs, CC

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