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Bring Your Brave

Earlier this year, I read about a CDC campaign that was looking for individuals to help raise awareness about genetic counseling and breast cancer in younger women. I was very happy to find out months later that I was selected as one of seven women to share our experience(s) in an effort to broaden scope and awareness.

While I never would have chosen chemo and all the other things that come with cancer, I am certain of this one thing --- that my life is purposed. Whatever platform I've been given is one where I hope my experiences can enlighte and educate women. But, I am also hopeful that I encourage women who are in the midst of treatment to dare themselves to dream big dreams for the brigther day that will come.

Bring your brave to me means ~ visualizing a hope for tomorrow before you're ever even able to see through to tomorrow. And, one way in which we can all be hopeful is through FAITH. Faith that will tell us that even though we can't SEE it now -- we can BE it (later).

My grandmother passed from cancer at the age of 44. I don't know the measures in the 60s that were taken to improve the lives of women who were battling breast cancer. Early detection is key. Because I knew my mother's family history, I understood my risks.

I was steadfast in getting my annual screenings. Not only were screenings like clockwork, I was my own best advocate. No one -- absolutely no one - knows better than you how you feel.

I learned shortly after my diagnosis that I was negative for the BRCA mutuation gene. For me, it meant that I didn't have to make any additional decisions at the time about my immediate treatment. I was able to focus my attention and efforts on getting better after the mastectomy and chemo treatment.

Bring your brave is sometimes as simple as getting screened or knowing your family history. Fear can be stifling and for some it may override the need to be proactive.

Bring your brave is more than a slogan for cancer survivors. It is for all women who are faced with life's challenges. It's not only about how we choose to tackle and fight during the fight but how we prepare for battle before it even begins.

Know your family history ..... Get Screened ..... Feel yourself up .... ...

This is my battlecry!

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