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My year in review - 2015

My year was all that I'd hoped it would be and some of what I had not imagined.

I laughed.

I cried.

I succeeded.

I failed.

I fell down.

I got up.

I doubted.

I prayed.

I kept it moving.

Before I say one word about what 2015 was to me, I have to thank God for every breath I take and move I make. Without His Grace & Mercy, I would be dead if not physically then emotionally, mentally, spiritually. People, Places, & Things...God orchestrates it All.

I had a tall plan when I set out to embark upon year #2 of survivorship. I set plans and goals that would make me stretch beyond my comfort zone. I figured why not be lofty!

On the Move

I managed to fall in love with swimming. I enjoy swimming because it's my stretch therapy - my stress reliever - my woosha all in one.

I increased my number of sprint triathlons from 1 to 3 & I even traveled away for two of them - Columbus, GA & Athens, GA. I felt bonafide taking on a route that I didn't know. :-).

I found so much excitiement in exploring new things like kayaking and group rowing classes.

The 2 day walk and 30 miles was a rainy one. But, it was absolutely amazing.

The culmination of keep it moving was the 120 mile Project Athena trek from Key Largo to Key West.

I enjoyed playing tennis with my women's teams and my flex league partner, Phenette.

I started a weight training program with Chrome Angels. I want to be stronger. I think I'm well on my way.

I shared my story with Governor's Towne Club annual fundraiser where I spoke about Tippy Toe Top Shelf Dreams. Nina and I played the tennis round robin that weekend as well & Won!

I also participated in "Bring Your Brave" Campaign with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) where I was able to share my story and reiterate the importance of genetic testing and early detection.

When I crossed a finishline, reached a goal, or struggled on the way to achieving a goal, I found strength in the memory of my loved ones who are resting in Heaven.


In December of this year, I lost my childhood friend, Tausha. As young kids, we were best buddies. She was my first best friend. When we were in elementary school, we would pretend to be teachers and school administrators. We had an office and everything set up. I think we used a little chalk board as our big time desk. The years flew by; we grew up. She became a teacher. She was a wife, mom, an author, and sister. She was also a two time breast cancer fighter/survivor/thriver. It was a sisterhood that neither of us could have expected as kids. But, it was one that ironically drew us closer the last two years. She was incredibly supportive. She was here for my mastectomy. She was here to offer words of insight and encouragement before I started chemo. She was dynamic. She was a beautiful soul inside and out. Fiesty. Fun. Faithful. Fighter. Talented. Did I say funny? Even when I know she had to be in physical pain, she managed to make others feel at ease with that sense of humor of hers. She was so awesome! So very awesome! We salute and love you, Tausha Ware. May your memory live on in those who knew you best & loved you the most. And, when it gets hard down here, I (we) promise to fight. Her husband, children, godchild, best friend, and siblings are in my continued thoughts and prayers.

I have big dreams for 2016. For now, I'll just wrap them up in one word ......

Nothing is ever complete without the love and support of family. I had that, too, in abundance in 2015.

Hugs and Love, CC


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