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Hiking on a mission ...

Today, I ventured out to climb Kennesaw Mountain. I had actually signed up with two different groups to do a group hike this morning. I backed (or should I say chickened) out of both. At first, I was worried I would not be able to keep up. Then, I was worried about the cold temps.

I will be tested physically and mentally in June when I take on an intro to adventure racing in Santa Barbara, CA with Project Athena Foundation. I told myself - get moving, chica - you got hills to climb, mountains to conquer and dreams/goals to achieve. It won't happen on your buttocks!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Temps were in the 40s, but the sun shined brightly. It's rays through the barren trees cast beautifully upon my path up the mountain. Back in the day, I used to climb Kennesaw Mountain daily. It was a spiritual thing for me back then. Well, that part hasn't changed at all. In addition, it is a great cardio workout. But, it also builds muscle.

I am excited about getting stronger! I want to make sure that when June rolls around I will have a change in my body that will help not hinder me. Going up the mountain I seriously thought this frame won't be good for mountain bike climbs. I gotta get it right this year! 4 real 4 real.

There's something about connecting with nature in this way that makes this very enjoyable for me.

Garmin says I did ok for my 1st time up in ages & 3 weeks after surgery!

2.88 mi


23:54 min/mi

Avg Pace

389 C




51,234 ft

Elev Gain

In June, I want to be STRONG. PREPARED. READY for the challenge and adventure of a lifetime (again). Last year, Key Largo to Key West - 130ish miles - was quite the adventure. It will be hard to top it. But, I do NOT doubt for one second that Robyn and the PAF trail angels will make this one, too, the adventure of a lifetime.

I am thankful that I found Project Athena & they allowed me to join the family! It's another year to make memories and to do what I thought I couldn't do but did!

Project Athena: • Inspires women to not just “Survive” — but to THRIVE; • Advocates for women’s health and women’s health issues; • Champions healthy lifestyles; • Brings together families, friends, colleagues and communities.

The Project Athena Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps women who have survived medical or other traumatic challenges reach new athletic goals and achieve their adventurous dreams.

Doctors cure the body…Project Athena cures the spirit.

For more information, contact Andrea Randle, Executive Director for the Project Athena Foundation: (619) 322 - 4846

November 2015 - Keys to Recovery. After 3 days and 120 miles, we celebrated at the southern most tip of

the US. Key West ! We laughed. We cried. We conquered. We ROCKED it!

I learned a great deal about overcoming during my cancer treatment. The Keys To Recovery trip taught me that overcoming doesn't begin or end with just one event. We overcome daily through life's experiences. Each day is a new opportunity to overcome what life throws at us. We desire. We do/did/will.... KEEP IT MOVING.

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