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Say YES to new adventures ! ! !

We're in week 5 of a 20 week training plan for the "Intro to Adventure Racing" event with Project Athena Foundation awesome survivors, inspirational coaches, and trail angels!

I had surgery at the beginning of January, so I was late to the party. But, I kicked into gear a couple of weeks ago with an Intro to Mountain Biking class, An intermediate Mountain biking class, A 6 hour+

trek up the mountain, and more!.

I am so thankful to have an opportunity to reach tall and far for my next grand adventure. It is a joy to be able to move, breathe and have my being. God is so so so so so good! He keeps on blessing me.

So, the 20 week training plan is ramping up. I have now gotten in a good start to each of the disciplines.

Mountain Biking

Boy oh Boy! Who knew that the ole' past time of ours as kids would prove once again to

make me tremble silently ..... I do not ASSUME that all types of bike riding are created equal. For that reason, I enrolled into an "intro to mountain biking (MTB)" class through REI outdoor school a couple of weeks ago. We spent several hours going over mechanics in a grassy area. We even practiced LIFTS. Say what?!?!?! Ummm hmmm

After we went through some basics, we took it to a beginner's trail, which was FULL of tight turns. I mean really tight turns and narrow paths. It was a fun group. I made it without falling or hitting a tree.

So, it is ....Mountain Biking is (yet) another introduction into an activity that helps me in my mission to


The following weekend. I met up with a complete stranger (who I hope will be a good riding partner for future trails). Her name is Kismet. She's been road biking for years and MTBing for a couple of years. As we made our way through the trail, she talked through her adventurous bucket list, which shouted to me "KEEP IT MOVING". We tackled an intermediate trail. I'm talking roots, rocks, downhills, trees in the path and obstacles. I braved the trail ! I conquered my fears. I took some hills, downhills and got off the bike in others to walk them.


That said, I did hit the ground twice. Slamming on my brakes and just being plain ole' scared to run into a tree did it ....

I am required to complete the following in May or so:

MTB ride for 2.5 hours (Mind you the intermediate trail took me about 75 min & I was PoOpEd!. I have work to do).

MTB ride for 5 hours with 3000 ft elevation (need to scout out where I'm going to do this).


Before I got full clearance from the doctor, I headed out to Kennesaw Mountain for back-to-back hikes on a Saturday/Sunday a few weeks ago. It was my unofficial kick-off to the training. There is something very freeing and spritual about climbing up the mountain.

Yes, I huff and puff. But, I really, really take time to reflect. It may say corny. But, when I make it to the top of the mountain, I feel some kind of way :-). For real!

Last weekend, I went with three other friends to Amicolola Falls. We did the Len Foote Hike Inn trail ... 3 hours up & 3 hours back down. I absolutely LOVED it! It was

challenging. But, it, too, gave me a great sense of accomplishment. I can't wait to do it again. It was great training for me. It was also great for my friend, Trish. She is doing

Machu Picchu in a couple of months. We are both looking for elevation hikes between now and our events. Training is always so much better with a friend (or friends) :-).

I have two long hike requirements in May and June -- a six and seven hour hike.


Yesterday, a friend and I went on a 4 mile kayaking tour @Stone Mountain. Same friend, Catina, has accompanied me on several of my adventures :-). So, when she said she'd signed up for a March kayak class. I thought it only 'right' to join her. I started thinking "What was I thinking?" as soon as I saw the weather forecast.

It turned out to not be so bad. Actually, it was a beautiful day to kayak. Of the 3 disciplines, kayaking is most difficult to coordinate because I don't own a kayak. I will need to make sure I'm using the row machine and finding classes when I can. Taking the classes with REI can get really expensive. I may have to get creative.

I have a required 4 hour paddle in May.

So, I have lots of Mountain Biking, HIking, and Kayaking to do over the next several months. I have to figure out how to stay on top of the schedule, incorporate weight lifting, and healthy eating ...... I can't afford to NOT be prepared for this adventure. It will require a certain amount of mental and physical fortitude to complete.

this all boils down to the need for




Here's to a fun, ambition filled 3 1/2 months.

Let's pray for good health, great results and preparedness for what is sure to be another Epic memory in the books




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