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"The pebble in my shoe..."~Muhammad Ali

Today, I watched the services for Muhammad Ali. I watched the residents of Louisville on crowded streets run alongside the hearse tossing flowers. I had no plans to watch. But, once I tuned in, I could not tune out.

Before I realized it, I'd watched the entire service attentively. I had no idea that I'd cry .. that I'd clap and say "Preach" .. smile and laugh throughout the three hour service.

I was most struck by the diversity on the stage. When we think diversity, most think 'black' and 'white'. Ali's diversity stretched across racial, religions, age, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The individuals who spoke today knew him personally. They weren't just there for pomp and circumstance.

He celebrated all people!

One by one they stood and told stories of this man who in many ways seemed larger than life but by their description was a humble man of service. His fight with Parkinson's was, in many ways, much bigger than any heavyweight bout.

It was bigger because it showed each of us the resilience of a man who would not stay down. He lived his life ! He had the #KEEP IT MOVING MOJO that I've chased since my treatment ended.

Today, I was given a double dose of inspiration. I was reminded that adversity is unavoidable. Life's punches will come in a variety of uppercuts and hooks. You may even get knocked OUT. But, even then, it's possible to stand. It just may tke a while longer to do so. Fight, Fight, Fight .... he did that!

Ali lived a life of purpose! In his eulogy today, everyone spoke of the gift he was to the world. And, how we should use our own gifts for good.

Today, we celebrate the life of a legend. Tomorrow, I hope we are able to be inspired to live a life with purpose.

The champ has won by unanimous decision, as one of his friends so somberly said today.

He has won the race and fought the good fight. Well done.... Well done.


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