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Count it all JOY ~ 45 years of L i F e !

AUGUST 25, 1971 ..... My Born Day

Scrolling through various B'day quotes,memes, and images - I came across this one which reads, "Made in 1971 .. All Original Parts"

I had to chuckle. I was made in '71. For Sure!!!

But, as of 2013, I've had some FAULTY parts removed.

After a double mastectomy and two reconstructive surgeries, I'd like to believe that my REPLACEMENT parts come with a long, long warranty. But, the truth is .....

Nothing is certain. Nothing is permanent.

Since I can't be guaranteed that I have a lifetime warranty on these lovely boobie replacement parts, I will focus on what I do know for certain.

These dear ('ole) new Replacement parts have given me a reason to REMEMBER to REJOICE and COUNT it ALL Joy.

I am sincerely thankful for another year. The greatest b'day gift for me has been afforded at 12:01 midnight. Life!

But, it couldn't be more true! I have a reason to praise Him. Thank you Lord for giving me yesterday and today.

Today .... I'm thankful for this very second. For the air that I breathe - the movement in my fingers .....

I can't forget yesterday. I won't forget it. Tomorrow isn't promised. So, I choose to spend time focusing on today.

It's my 45th birthday. Reason to SHOUT!

For yesterday, today, and for what may come - I must COUNT it ALL JOY. I will COUNT it ALL JOY.

HAPPY Birthday to ME........HERE's to 45 Years of being awesome! I hope to continue to live this gift ON and WITH PURPOSE!. Keep It Moving, CC

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