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Atlanta 2-Day walk for breast cancer

This is my third year as team captain and walker for the Atlanta 2-Day walk for breast cancer. In many ways, it proved to be the toughest year yet. I am extremely proud of my team, SIMPLY THE BREAST, for their dedication, commitment, and support throughout the year in fundraising efforts, miles walked and more. This team never ceases to amaze me. We show and express love to one another beyond this event. I never doubt that God put us together for a reason and purpose. Sometimes, we don't always know the WHY and that's ok with me because I believe in divine direction.

In December 2015, a childhood friend, Tausha Ware, was laid to rest. She'd won her valiant battle against cancer -- the disease that seeks to rob and destroy. But, God is the final victor. Always! It was her warrior spirit that kept me inspired and motivated during the walk.

Hills! Hills! Back Pain! So much chatter in my head that wanted me to stop but it was Tausha's voice I could hear in my head. She said, "I don't want to die." She LIVED even as her body was dying. She fought in a much more silent and private way, but she was as fierce as any warrior I know!

This year, our team raised over $20,000; over the course of three years - total monies raised is $52,000. We walk for a/the cause that we hope one day will contribute to what will and can end breast cancer! We hope and pray for a cure. We don't want to always have to walk for the cause. But, until there is a cure and there is a body that cooperates - I plan to do just that.

I am thankful for support ... endless support from family and friends for donating year-after-year! Thank you a million times over!

From my heart to yours, CC.

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