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It's all in a motto -- what's yours?

Today, I had an opportunity to share my story with the Upper Class students at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, Maryland.

The students of the "Think Pink Club", Director of Diversity, and School Nurse invited me to attend the school's assembly and speak. The students meet every ten days to discuss various topics related to breast cancer and breast cancer awareness. Also, the students had a bake sale and proceeds ($190) raised were donated to "It's The Journey" -- Atlanta 2 day walk. THANK YOU! Isn't that awesome?

I shared my "Keep It Moving" mission is/was a lifeline. It was an essential part of my recovery. It was birthed out of a need to discuss fear and allow myself to see life's possibilities beyond cancer.

I encouraged the students to develop their own three word mantra - motto by the end of the year ...... I'm hoping they do so & share with me what they've developed.

Best wishes to the club and school for continued success, especially to the seniors!

"It's when you're hardest hit that you MUST NOT QUIT" !

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