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Wrapping Up 2016 & Creating memories in 2017

We're approaching the completion of the first month of the year. Again, the notion that "time flies" is definitely holding true.

Since completing my chemo treatments, my motto has been (and still is) "Keep It Moving". I've said it time and time again that the fact that I'm able to look ahead and plan new adventures is a lifeline. As a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor, I have not forgotten that my highest likelihood for recurrence is in the first five years.

I'm entering year four. Praise Ye the Lord! My mission will always be "Keep It Moving". This year, I am adding a mottto -- "Creating memories". I have a need to leave an impression on this world with friends and family -- a purposeful one. I want to pour life and love into those who love me and vice versa. I intend to do that by asking often for friends to join me on my grand adventures. I intend to do that by laughing as much as I can (and, yes - even at myself). Before I look ahead to 2017, I want to take just a quick look back at 2016.

2016 was full of memorable moments. I kept it moving in 2016 by the grace of God. I can summarize it in less than 50 words. I am not able to summarize in less than 50 years because my year was minimal. No, quite the opposite, my year was full of LIFE.

I mountain biked. I kayaked. I walked. I biked. I hiked. I played tennis. I laughed. I cried. I shouted. I explored. I reached. I stretched.

I advocated. I spoke. I fundraised. I triumphed. I prayed. I moved.

I am so very thankful to God for allowing me to meet people who pour into my life. I have always believed that I meet people for a reason. I find some much joy in knowing God loves me enough and shows favor to me in this way. He is quite awesome. If you don't know him, try Him.

As those who know me best could imagine, I have hundreds of pics from 2016. I couldn't possibly put them all here. But, I grabbed a few to help recap my year in pics.

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