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We all have a story to tell ...

I can't believe so much time has lapsed since I last blogged about an adventure or something or another. I should really try to do better. Perhaps, I should just make it a point to blog at least once a month!

I had the honor of participating in a "Bring Your Brave" storytelling event last week @ American University in Washington, D.C. The event was organized by Centers for Disease Control as a part of the "Bring Your Brave" campaign. We worked with a storytelling coach to bring our stories to life. Who knew that a story about your life could be a bit challenging. I shared the stage with five other amazing individuals. The theme of the event was "My Motivated Moment". It was a live story telling event. So, we were asked to memorize our stories. I can't even begin to tell you just how nervous the memorization of my own story made me. Kinda crazy, I know!

It was a fun experience. I learned along the way that --

1. I rely way too heavily on my paper during speaking engagements. This is, after all, my story. I lived every joyful and painful moment. I believe, my paper has been my crutch. So, I think, I will as soon as my life slows down -- go ahead & make the move to join Toastmasters. I concentrate so heavily on succinct order because my story has ebbs & flows & can be all over the place. But, in part, that's what makes it real & that's what makes it genuine. I should learn to relinquish the "Planner" part of me sometimes & just go w/it! As Nike so simply states -- "Just do it!"

2. When you're in a group of survivors and co-survivors, there's instant camaraderie! Our journey and paths may differ with regard to diagnosis and treatment. But, the one constant is that cancer invaded our lives. It's our understanding of the way in which you are required to keep living through the pain, hurt, and frustration that binds us.

3. I joked with my high school and college classmate, Tanisha, that God knew way before I did that being a part of the Speech team in High School would serve me well. (Side note: It is a blessing to have friends that can recount something in your past that dates back to teenage years. So, thankful for my homies). I'm so glad to serve an All Knowing God! A rock, A redeemer, A constant help in the time of struggle!

4. I count it all joy. I'm prayerful that somewhere along the way someone is inspired not just by my story. But, I am hopeful that someone is moved to understand their family history more -- advocate better for themselves -- get screened for preventative measure. I'm hopeful!

Hugs & Hi-Fives, CC

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