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Rewind<==> February ~ Love is in the Air

We're nine months into the year. I look back at my blog and realize that I've not written one single post all year. Say What?

It's certainly NOT because I've been in a shell. Rather, I've been soaking up the sun, enjoying the sunrises and sets, and keeping it moving. But, I've seriously managed to put writing on a back burner. I used to love writing. It is/was therapeutic in many ways. Yet, I seem to always take the time out to do everything but write.

So, now I'm in rewind mode ~~~ Rewinding back to earlier in 2018 to capture celebratory moments, exciting news, and so forth. I can't have this blog sitting empty for 2018.

As commercial as it is - Love is in the air in the month of February. It's special to me also because it's my Mom's birthday month. We celebrated her 78th birthday this year. I like to visit home to celebrate with her. Sometimes, she wants low key and other times she wants to turn up (Ha!). This year, she kept it very low key. She loves to be surrounded by those she loves & just wants our time.

There's something incredibly special about the love that a mother gives to her children -- adult children, too.

As a grown woman, I recognize the sacrifices that she made for me. I could never repay her. Yet, I am trying to show her as much as I can that she is loved and appreciated.

I've chosen this topic for February not only because it's my mom's birth month, but she's been giving me lessons for a very long time (spoken and unspoken) on how to LOVE. So, why not honor her and the lesson this month of February where "love is in the air".

My hope is that I'm able to love unconditionally in the way that Christ would have us love one another. 1 Corin 13:4-7


In a way that would be reflective of what my Mom has taught me.

I sure love my Mama. I hope I always make her proud with living out loud w/love as an anchor!

Hugs & Love, CC

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