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Rewind<==> Happiness is an inside job!

I love that I have a circle of friends that I can reach out to for various things -- adventure or just something new and different. I'm thankful that I have friends who enjoy being outdoors as much as I do.

In April, a few of us traveled to Tennessee / North Carolina border to experience camping without the ground, tent, and wild life. As much as I like new experiences, I'm certainly not going full fledged camping with any novices. I'm thinking bears would be surrounding our tent & raccoons having a field day with our inability to camp wisely.

We were KIND of Camping. We were KIND of Outdoors. Happy Medium -- G L A M P I N G (in a Yurt)!

What about a mountain view prompts you to WOOSAH? Lovely!

This trip reminded me the importance that laughter has in my life. The simple act of laughter can erase much of what stresses us in this life --- if only for a brief moment. Oh, how we chuckled, laughed, and just acted as silly as we wanted.

If you are able to laugh until you cry, it's a JOYOUS occasion!

Find yourself some friends that will tag along with you and try something new (when you ask) & find some friends who are willing to drag you along to try something new. There are things I might regret in life but LIVING won't be one of them :-). Thankful to friends who have the same need to live this life fully!

Pull out that calendar. Plan an event that you've been wanting to do but haven't done...... bucket list or whatever you want to call it.

Live this life with an on purpose. It's yours to do what you will with it.

Hugs & love, CC

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