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Rewind <==> January~ Be True to YOU

We're nine months into the year. I look back at my blog and realize that I've not written one single post all year. Say What?

It's certainly NOT because I've been in a shell. Rather, I've been soaking up the sun, enjoying the sunrises and sets, and keeping it moving. But, I've seriously managed to put writing on a back burner. I used to love writing. It is/was therapeutic in many ways. Yet, I seem to always take the time out to do everything but write.

So, now I'm in rewind mode ~~~ Rewinding back to earlier in 2018 to capture celebratory moments, exciting news, and so forth. I can't have this blog sitting empty for 2018.

In January, like 99% of the US - I was heavy into plan mode for 2018. As always, I made note of resolutions that I would hope to achieve during the year.

Sadly, I've fallen victim to the same ole' resolutions year after year that revolve around spirituality, health, fitness, and money. It's interesting that I'm writing this post in REWIND mode because I can certainly gauge my progress.

I've not done well.

I've definitely made progress in certain aspects. But, success to me is very measurable and I've not hit the mark in several of those old familiar, pesky resolutions.

I really don't know why I continue to make them. I'm incredibly hard on myself when I don't hit the mark.

I used this quote for my January post because I'd no matter what we choose to aim for and may possibly miss along the way there is no one on Earth is is YOUER than YOU.

No one ME-ER than ME. Celebrating myself doesn't come easy. I will be critical to the Nth degree. I'm sure this is not a trait solely my own. Why is it that celebrating and loving one self is not at the top of the priority list.

I have 3 months to ponder, wonder, and figure that out. I will attempt to focus on ways to be less critical of myself .

I love this life I've been given. It's my most precious blessing. So, I should act accordingly ALWAYS even if I don't always "hit the mark".

Hugs and Love, CC

Fun pic from January of our tennis team -- all bundled up but we're doing what we love to do.

Ladies Tennis team of McGhee - Winter Tennis

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