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Rewind<==> Zumba for Project Athena (2018 Fundraiser)

This year, I held a ZumbaThon in Cadiz, KY benefiting Project Athena Foundation.

Project Athena Foundation helps women/men who have had a medical setback restore adventure in his/her life. Adventures like hiking the Grand Canyon, kayaking across the Keys, and walking the shores of beaches in California are just a few that restore and rejuvenate.

In November, I'll be traveling across the Keys by bike and kayak with a group of men and women -- Athenas and goddesses/gods.

Family and Friends came out in full effect to support my fundraising efforts to help an Athena live an adventurous dream.

With the help of family and friends, I raised $533.

I'm excited to share this experience with other the Project Athena family - old and new. We'll be biking and kayaking 130ish miles. It's quite challenging but very rewarding. Part of what I sought to do in January (see blog post) is to set goals for myself that would help me make this trip more enjoyable than the last trip in 2016.

Train, Carletta, Train

Hopefully, I'll be down a few pounds (*rewind back to the January post -- I should have been by now.....but ....)

I digress.

The fundraising event was a success. Thank you Lenora Henderson-Henry who donated her time and efforts, family and friends who came out, and Trigg County High School for use of the gym.

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