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Row, Row, Row my boat (all alone)

Today, I spent three hours on the Lake At Stone Mountain. I had a training requirement for Project Athena Foundation. In several weeks, I'll be making my third trip to Florida to kayak and bike across the Keys. It's a phenomenal organization that gives an adventurous dream to women who have had

a medical setback. In 2015, I was given an Athenaship (grant that provided for all my travel and related expenses during the trip). It was such an awesome experience that I returned in 2016. This time, I raised $3,000 to help give this same experience to someone else. I believe so much in the mission that I have been an ambassador for two years.

I sure didn't know how I would do ALL BY MY LONESOME for three hours. How would I not get bored? No one to talk to? What if I get lost?

What is the black chic from little ole Cadiz, KY doing on this lake in a kayak for 3 hours -- solo?

I'll tell you in one word.


It was 85 plus degrees. Say what now? Yes, on October 6 - it was up toward 90 degrees on the lake. I was concerned about that, too. But, I made it without any migraine issues. I also didn't have any issues with my back. I completed 9.44 miles in 3 hours. The time went by faster than I thought.

The lake was sprinkled with paddle boarders, kaykers. Folks were playing golf. The ducks were enjoying their travels as well.

It was a beautiful day. God reminded me along the way that He's promised me so many things & I'm grateful for each and every promise rendered. I will continue to hold on to the fact that He will see me to/through this finish line as well. (Finish line -- actual and figuratively).

Thank you, Lord for the ability to move. I appreciate the day! Kayaking solo wasn't all that bad.

This little country girl who just wants to explore this thing called LIFE one day at a time DID THAT. :-) This breast cancer survivor did it.

I'm hoping that someone who may be worried that their life will never be the same will read this & know that maybe it won't be the same but you can keep living it!

Hugs and High 5s, CC

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