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Keep It Moving

Shortly before completing chemotherapy, I created my very own mantra --

Keep It Moving !

Though not uniquely mine, it was, to me, my very own. It helped to move me into the direction of my goals and tippy toe, top shelf dreams. I completed 4 sprint triathlons with that Mantra serving as the wind to my back! I've completed 3 multi-day adventures covering over 130ish miles across the Florida Keys.

I'm eight years out from the date of my diagnosis & I find myself again leaning into the wind and relying on this mantra

to help me meet some really aggressive goals for myself this year.

I am excited about the way this mantra will propel me up to and over any obstacles that may stand between me

and my goals. I am determined. If I fall six times, I plan to get back up seven times.

I understand that "Keep It Moving" may get me going but it won't be what keeps me going. I intent to make different

choices and decisions. I am looking to create better, healthier habits for myself.

How? First things first -- Bring in the professionals!

I've hired a personal trainer (thank you in advance, Coach Adele). Funny and true story - several years ago after chemo, I was looking for a personal trainer. I reached out to Coach Adele, but she'd recently closed her gym. I remained FB friends with her and have been following as her business began picking up again. I finally reached out again about bootcamp and personal training. I know everything happens for a reason. I am incredibly excited about how her business will continue to thrive. And, more selfishly -- how she's going to help me reach goals that have been set and not met so many times before.

Meet Coach Adele.

This is my first post & won't be the last to help ensure I'm held accountable ..... You know kind of like I put it out there that I would be a triathlete & I became one :-).

I'm putting it out there that I CAN and I WILL meet my goals!

I will see results! Work, Work, Work Girl .... Go get it!


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