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Mighty Walks

I can't believe it's been such a long time since I captured some thoughts here on my "keep it moving" blog. When I finished my cancer treatment, I hit the ground running like someone who had lost something dear to them & was on the chase of a lifetime.

It was true. I was on a chase to try to capture what evaded me for over a year while undergoing chemotherapy and surgery.

Since then, some things have slowed down. Compared to 2014 and 2015, some may think I'm moving more at a snail's pace. I suppose, the frequency of these blog posts correlates with that activity level :-). Late in 2020, I sold my home of eighteen years to step into a new chapter of life. Though I'm still near where I used to live and in the same county, I feel like I moved across the state with regard to all the things that 'used to be' in my old life (where I shopped, where I played tennis, with whom I played tennis).

I didn't realize how often or how much I held on to a routine nor did I realize how difficult it would be to be and do something different. What i discovered though is 'new' isn't always bad. It just takes a bit of time to adjust. Having gone through cancer, I should understand very well what it means to practice the art of 'the new normal'.

In my old subdivision, I could walk a loop with Mighty. It was the most boring mile ever. It was so boring that I could count maybe on both hands how many times I'd walked Mighty in a year. In this new place (where I had to get over being homesick for old things), there are walking trails and a 2.4 mile loop around the perimeter. There are multiple different routes that one can take that make even the most mundane task eventful.

Since October, I've walked a total of 110 miles. 95% of these miles were with my fellow companion -- Mighty! I've discovered that these walks are good for both of our hearts. Fall is my favorite season of the year. I was able to spend a great deal of that time outdoors with Mighty on a regular basis. Early in the Fall, it was the color of the leaves on the trees that made me feel so appreciative to be able to take these walks. Now, as winter begins to slowly bridge to Spring, it's the way the sun shines through the leafless trees that make me stop in my tracks in full appreciation.

God is magnificent at taking the every day thing & making it so very extraordinary!

I've always found beauty in sunrises and sunsets. But, these walks have given me a new appreciation for the way a leaf flutters from a tree and settles on the ground, or the way the water shimmers and shines when the light hits it just right. I have enjoyed almost 'smelling' the change of the seasons in the air. Fall smells earthy. If cool were a smell, I'd use it to describe what I feel winter smells like.

Mighty loves to walk. When I can't walk him, I feel guilty. He gives me the for real puppy dog eyes like "Mommy - it's time!". It keeps me motivated. Though it seems that I'm doing him the favor, Mighty is probably saving me. These walks are making my heart stronger. Getting me up and moving from the desk that I sit at for far too long each day. Walking is very therapeutic. I'm not sure why I never realized this before now.

I can't wait to see how many miles Mighty and I log this year. Lord willing - we'll continue no matter where we may plant in the next chapter. We'll be moving again probably September time frame. So - all that I'll grow accustom to in this short year will be 'things' I'll need to learn to let go.

I've learned that an adventure doesn't always have to be some huge, grand 'thing'. An adventure is about exploration and pushing beyond a norm. Walking ..... the most normal thing in life has become one of my favorite adventures!!

Let's adventure!

Hugs and High 5s, Carletta

Some of our #mightywalks pictures


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