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Thank you, Lord!

My heart is filled with gratefulness as the book for this year begins to close. I'll put in on the shelf with all the other books from prior years. I don't plan to pull it from the shelf because it's there for a reason. Every chapter within it has been lived and fulfilled. Whether learned, not learned, cemented, or ignored, lessons were surely given. The memories that were created live in my heart not in the year (or book). So, I really can place the book called "CC's 2022" on the shelf!

Thank you, Lord for each word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter.

I can close the book knowing full well that at times I soared and other times I stumbled. I can't be mad about the stumble! It is evidence that I'm still here. I've lived through another year. Thank you, Lord.

God willing - my story doesn't end with the 2022 book on the shelf. In fact, I'm hopeful that as the 2023 book begins to come into existence that it will surpass my wildest imagination and dreams. Because God can give us much more than we ever imagined or dreamed, I am prayerful that this is the promise 2023 is built upon.

I write this blog not for the masses but for myself & maybe the one or two people who come across it :-), specifically #cancersurvivors, are inspired to keep pushing.

I am looking forward to what has already been written for me in 2023 and what has yet to be scribed.

Thankful in advance that I'll stay healthy and get stronger in all aspects of life. I don't want to take for granted that today my body and mind CAN. In the event tomorrow my mind and body can NOT, I pray for the fortitude to keep pushing in whatever way I can.

My mantra (because you know I have one) for 2023 is #quadrupletheJOY !

Faith, Family, Friends, and Community

Hugs and High 5s & May your New Year be whatever your heart desires,




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