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The One Word Resolution

It wouldn't be the start of a new year without determining what I'd like to do differently and better than the year before. As much as I say I don't want to write resolutions, I end up doing so in some form or fashion. I've found journals that list the same resolutions I'd written the year before. Flipping through the same categories and corresponding lists for areas in my life requiring improvement, which include: Spiritual, Financial, Physical, and Personal.

Toward the end of 2018, I decided to give my "Carry Over" Resolution list the BOOT! There's no need in writing them when they never really change from year-to-year.

I couldn't quite give the whole idea of RENEWAL in the new year 'da boot'. Instead, I decided that I could probably gather up all my plans for the year in one word with a meaning that stretched across various aspects of my life. It would be my guiding principle for achievement in 2019. Then, it was a matter of finding that word which was robust enough to stretch across multiple areas of my life but specific enough to help me hit the mark.

For the very first time, I've dwindled down pages of words for the new year into just one.

And though I decided that METANOIA really sums it up, I decided that an extra push to assist is best defined with two additional words --

Be Gutsy!

I envision myself whispering this word when I want a bag of chips instead of piece of fruit. I envision myself slapping my knee & mouthing the word when I want to purchase that piece of jewelry rather than making an extra payment toward cancelling debt. I will probably need my alarm clock to say the word for me to remind me it's worth getting up in the AM to get in my workout. When I endeavor to put down the phone and pick up a book, I will have my one word in mind.


What's your word for 2019? I'm hoping whatever it is that you'll be able to cling to it whenever you need an extra bit of motivation, a reminder, or even a good reason to not quit!

Here's to everything you're reaching for in 2019 & more. (back to those tippy toe dreams that I've talked about in years past).


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